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Rod Hamilton

January 25, 2012

DIY – Fishing for Bonefish

I’ll admit it, Do It Yourself trips for bonefish started out as an off shoot of lodge trips, moved into the category of a passion and now quite frankly is a disease………..with no cure.

I hope to share with you on this blog and on my website Do It Yourself Flats Fishing some of the things I have learned about bonefishing in general and DIY bonefishing specifically.

My goal is to bring you current information on locations and conditions from around the globe so you can fish and explore on your own using the skills you have developed to catch bonefish, permit and tarpon


We will provide up to date reports on where to go, the best places to stay, travel and fishing tips and a few tricks we have picked up along the way.

Do It Yourself Bonefishing and Do It Yourself Flats Fishing were designed to meet the needs of those fishermen that:

  • Are already experienced DIY bonefish fisherman and looking for new areas and information;
  • Normally use guides or stay at lodges but like to do some fishing on their own;
  • Are looking for ways to stretch their bonefishing and travel dollar;
  • Traveling with a spouse or family and looking to combine fishing the flats with other tropical vacation activities; and
  • Trying their first DIY adventure.

Life is a DIY adventure…so enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “DIY – Fishing for Bonefish

  • Tony Woodland
    on October 25, 2013

    Hi Rod.

    Eagerly anticipating the release of your book, sounds like a fantastic and educational read and one sorely needed by us extreme DIY’ers.

    Been fortunate to have lived in Australia on and off for many years (now back in UK full time) and I well remember my first ‘extreme’ DIY trip.

    Was up in North West Australia way back when, desolate and extremely isolated, and the heat, nothing can in my opinion hold a candle to the extreme heat up that way.

    Anyway, there had been rumours for a number of years about the possibility of Bonefish up that way and I decided to take a look.

    I would like to say I was ‘prepared’, but in truth that was far from the picture. Not enough water, tackle, clothing etc. Taught me many a valuble lesson about DIY’ing.

    Suffice to say, no Bonefish at that time, BUT.

    The last several years a very productive fishery has been established up there now, and though not the ‘classic’ flats enviroment there is indeed a thriving Bonefishery and indeed Permit (Snub Nosed Dart) fishery that whilst being fairly new is well on the way to becoming world class.

    That was I guess my first full on DIY trip (near death experiance) and it taught me many a valuble lesson as well as setting me on the road to where I find myself today.

  • Paul Croteau
    on January 5, 2014

    Hey Rod,
    Lifelong trout fly-fisherman, just making the leap to bonefish. We just bought a beach condo in Puerto Aventuras, and I will be headed down in late March with my son. Plan to head down to Boca for at least one day trip. Wish us luck!
    Your website has been a great resource for me as I am trying to relearn what I need for bonefish/flats fishing. Are you planning to release the book as an eBook? I tend to prefer digital as I can take everything in one small package.
    Keep up the good work! Tight Lines,

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