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Rod Hamilton

April 9, 2012

Turks & Caicos Trip Report

The Turks & Caicos has long been a vacation destination for North American tourists seeking some fun in the sun during the winter months.  Providenciales (“Provo”) is the most well known of the islands and is the center of the tourism industry with a wide range of hotels, uncrowded beaches, restaurants, attractions and facilities.

What hasn’t been as well publicized is the great fishing that exists.  The combination of world class facilities and great bonefishing makes Provo one of the world’s top destinations for both the family and bonefishing.   On my website I give the Turks & Caicos a nine out of a possible ten “spousal rating”.

Though most of the fishing on Provo is done with guides there are some spots within driving distance of Grace Bay that provide a realTurks & Caicos bone chance for the DIY fisherman to connect with a bonefish.  Many of these spots are identified on the DIY Flats Fishing website but generally are concentrated around Bonefish Point and Silly Creek.

What follows are two fishing reports from friends and subscribers who have just returned from Provo.

The first comes from Brent Wilson who stayed in a condo on Grace Bay with his family and was able to walk and wade along BonefishPoint (West Harbour) with success.  He caught a number of fish ranging from 3-5 pounds by walking the beaches of Bonefish Point.  Brent is an experienced bone fisherman and knew what he was doing.  He tried some of the well known spots like Flamingo Lake and Turtle Tail with no success.  He made the point that Silly Creek access has become quite limited with the build up of residential housing but it can still be accessed at the boat launch with a kayak. You can see his report and photos on his blog.

Also heard from Glen Wonders who also stayed in Grace Bay and fished with guide Darin Bain for several days.  They fished mostly along the flats of Middle Caicos and in the creeks and lagoons.  Fishing was spectacular with fish up to eight pounds.   As Glen said, “the fishing was very good and at times the fish were everywhere”.  He gave high marks to the guide Darin and noted that the fish were not spooky and jumped on the fly if you got it near them.   Glen pointed out that the “go to” fly for them was Charlie Craven’s Bonefish Junk.

Glen with Turks bonefish

Glen also tried some DIY walk and wade fishing along Bonefish Point but did not meet with any success.  He stated that there were a number of fishermen walking the beach each time he was there.  Though he saw bonefish, they seemed spooky and were not really interested in the flies they cast.

A great story on Provo was written by Joe Cerele, fishing editor for Field & Stream highlighting what a wonderful place it is for a fisherman and his partner.  Another article by Paul Smith in American Angler also highlights the great bonefishing out of Provo and is well worth a read.

The only downside to vacationing and fishing in Turks & Caicos is the cost.  A full day with a bonefishing guide (including tip) is close to $1,000 which can burn through the budget fairly quickly, but the guides are good, the fishing is great and throw in a few DIY walk and wade days and it is a perfect holiday.

2 thoughts on “Turks & Caicos Trip Report

  • on May 7, 2012

    Turks and Caicos sounds like a great place for parents to bond with their children while fishing, and also a perfect destination for armature fishers to develop some fishing skills either by themselves or with the help of a guide. However, it would be nice to know when is the best time to visit this destination so as to enjoy a great fishing experience.

  • Ryan
    on November 7, 2012


    I’m headed to Provo Nov 14-18th and would like to setup some DIY bonefishing. I contacted Big Blue Unlimited about renting some kayaks and getting info. Their reply was that Bonefish Point and islands northeast of Leeward Marina are illegal t fish …. is this true? If so do you have any spots you can recommend? …. my wife likes the beach and i like to fish.



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