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Rod Hamilton

December 3, 2015

The Bank of Love

The Bank of Love was formed on the day you were married, you just didn’t know it.

It’s like every other bank, you and your wife’s joint account is made up of deposits and withdrawals.



Kind words, thoughtful gestures, flowers, cards for no particular reason……those are deposits.    A fishing trip with the guys to a warm Caribbean destination…….a big withdrawal.

Do I even need to say this, You Don’t Want To Be Overdrawn.

Keep this between us, but below are a few solutions on how to make a withdrawal (i.e. fishing trip) and make it look like a deposit.  But first a little background.

You would think as a DIY bonefishing site the majority of the questions directed at me would be on topics like “how do I catch bonefish on my own?”

But oddly, it just isn’t so.

Many of the questions I receive have a general thread running through them, something like this;

“Where can I go where my non-fishing partner and/or family members can have a great tropical vacation and I can pack my rod, just in case?”



Now reading between the lines and using my Husband-to-Wife Google Translator, I interpret the above question as follows:

” I really want to go bonefishing but am so overdrawn at my local branch of the Bank of Love I can’t go fishing with the guys.  I need to find a tropical paradise where my family has a great time and it looks like fishing is the farthest thing from my mind.”

“Can you recommend somewhere that fits the bill?”

Blame Google Translator if I have it wrong.

If you follow this site or read my book you know I always include a Spousal Rating for every location I write about.  That idea started five years ago, its genesis being the trips I took with my fishing gang and our spouses.  When planning trips we would go to certain destinations if the wives were with us and different locations when it was just the boys.  Hence I started to rank places in a broad way based on the appeal they had for non-fishing spouses.

We (“the gang”) have been doing this for many years and quite frankly our wives are on to us.  There is no point in trying to disguise a fishing adventure as a “family friendly tropical vacation.”  We’ve learned to come clean right from the get-go, tell it like it is and reveal the ulterior motive prior to getting busted.

But you might be new to this…….so there is hope for you, it’s possible you may still be able to skate on the thin ice.

There are many destinations that provide the ingredients for a quintessential tropical vacation for non-fishing persons, while by shear coincidence, happen to also be surrounded by “Charlie Eating” bonefish.

Here are three ideas on where you can take the family, look like a hero, catch a few fish and be credited with a deposit at your branch of the Bank Of Love.



Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas – Located on a peninsula and bordered on the north shore by one of the worlds most beautiful beaches with a quick access fishing channel on the south side, Treasure Cay offers something for everyone.  A wide range of accommodation means finding something to meet your budget and layout is simple.  It’s a breeze to rent a car and transportation within Treasure Cay is by golf cart.   There are restaurants, stores and plenty of non-fishing activities at your doorstep including tennis and golf. And when you want to explore there are water related activities and excursions leaving from the nearby dock.  A quick trip over to Green Turtle Cay on the ferry is always a wonderful way to spend a day.  Not that it is of interest but there is DIY bonefishing nearby and the world famous Marls are located ten minutes away.



Turks & Caicos –    Here is another sure fire winner for the family.  Though Provinciales is on the expensive side, it ranks very high on the Spousal Rating scale.  Renting a condo or hotel room on Grace Bay puts you and the family on a spectacular beach with no end to the activities that are available.  The kids will be safe, happy and tired at the end of each day. There are dozens of great restaurants, good shopping and some beautiful romantic places to kick back and rejoice in the fact you are together.  If you can get away for a full day, there are some fantastic guides to make the forty minute run to the flats of Middle and South Caicos where you’re sure to hook up with several five pound plus bonefish.  If you can only slip away for a morning or later afternoon incoming tide, there is some decent DIY wading within 20 minutes of your hotel.



Grand Cayman –  Three words, Seven Mile Beach. Once your wife looks out the front window of your condo and see’s what lays in front of her, you will again be adorned with the title “greatest husband ever.”   This is a livelier destination then say some of the Bahamian islands, with plenty to do.  Very upscale, tons of shopping, more places than you can imagine to eat or do “touristy” stuff.  Once the weather turns cold at home, you can’t find a better tropical destination.  Of the three locations listed, this one provides the fewest fishing options, but it’s nothing to slip away for an afternoon and catch a couple of bones or cast to tarpon in the canals.

Obviously the above Bank of Love has been written tongue-n-cheek.

Everyone that knows me, is well aware of the fact that if I could pick one person to be alone with on a flat, it would be my wife.  I’m lucky that way.


5 thoughts on “The Bank of Love

  • Guy Jacobson
    on December 4, 2015

    Hi Rod,

    Excellent, and timely post. I was just dealing with a large “account” dilemma having been invited to fish with a group of guys in Mexico this summer.

    Before I explain the specifics of the current transaction, I should point out that I’ve been married a total of 27 years. The last eight of which have been in my second marriage. So, I feel safe in saying I have some degree of “banking” experience. I would also add that this bank has two primary forms of currency, which vary greatly in importance from one marriage account to another. Money is the obvious balance, but time can be even more valuable and is often where the most expensive deficits occur.

    Regardless of which balance is of concern, the first thing most fishing husbands should keep in mind (if they were not acutely aware from the start) is that some banks make it much more difficult for you go negative, or run up exorbitant overdraft fees.

    I did a lot of fishing in the 19 years of my first marriage, some of which included her. She had a lot of great qualities, but when it came to the give and take department, she leaned heavily towards the latter. The “upside” to that I was constantly aware of my account balance. And let’s be honest, most of us guys tend to be more than a bit oblivious to this stuff. I mean, if she’s not mad, then everything must be “fine” – right? BTW, in marriage #2, I now understand what that particular “F word” means to most husbands. Anyway, my point is that in those 19 years I never had to put any real effort into balancing the checkbook. It was done for me.

    Not so much in marriage #2. I am very fortunate to be married to one of the most kind, generous, and beautiful women that I have ever met. If I have done something to hear the words “its fine” I can tell you with all honesty that I have screwed up and fully deserve to hear a completely different F-word combination. Fortunately I’ve only let that happen a few times. The point is in round two, it would be very VERY easy for me to overdraft the account.

    So when I received an invite to fish in Baja for a week this summer, it was time to check the “balance”. Which was iffy at best since we’re still paying off a trip to the Bahamas last year. Even though it was a full blown family vacation, we could have gone somewhere less expensive and completely fish-free. I also spent a lot of time and money fishing closer to home over the summer. Even so her response was “you should do it!”

    Even though she meant every word, I’m not going. We have some home repairs we have been putting off and the added cost of Baja trip would push out our next romantic getaway at least a year.

    Besides, it wouldn’t be the same hopping off a panga just before siesta time and not find her waiting under a palm tree with a book in one hand and a margarita in the other. I’m lucky that way too.

  • Steve Shirley
    on December 5, 2015

    Great article and I feel the same about bringing my wife. We are looking forward to exploring Turks and Caicos together next year.

  • Sonny Culp
    on December 12, 2015

    Sent the link of this one to my wife. She replied…”we’ve been to 2 of 3, when are going to the Bahamas.” Now that is what I call a good woman! Seriously, be sure to consider Little Cayman in the above category. Did a guest blog there a while back. Diving, snorkel to the Bloody Wall off the beach, blue water fishing, tarpon pond, and of course bones and permit on the wade. Stay at the Southern Cross Club. The fish guide, Chris, is a great guy.

  • Anonymous
    on December 18, 2015

    Great piece of investing advice!
    Always share and agree on your investing and withdrawal strategies if you want to retain the benefits of relationship. The DIY option is a relationship saver for me. It keeps me sane and doesn’t run into the red ink.

  • on February 1, 2017

    Great idea (the bank of love) will be getting your new book but its not out till May in England.

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