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Rod Hamilton

September 14, 2017

Bonefishing in Treasure Cay, Abaco

I got an email back in May from Subscriber Chris Hampl asking the basic question I get multiple times per week. “Where would you recommend that I go bonefishing that provides me the opportunity to catch fish while providing my girlfriend (a non-fisher) the chance to enjoy a typical tropical vacation?”

We exchanged emails, he bought my book and decided on Treasure Cay on the Bahamian outer island of Abaco.

Upon his return from Abaco, here is what Chris had to say:

“I just came back from the trip we talked about. I picked Treasure Cay, Abaco as the place to go, and it was awesome. I wanted to thank you for your advice, I ended up buying your book off Amazon and it really helped me out on picking a spot that was good for the two of us.

The fishing was incredible, I went with Ronnie Sawyer as my guide for some days and combined that with DIY around Treasure Cay. I got to fish both sides of the island with Ronnie, the Marls were filled with schools of smaller bonefish and the Ocean Side Flats had some really nice big fish.

I even hooked up on a Permit which unfortunateIy broke off in the first run since the fly line was wrapped around my foot, as you can imagine I still can´t sleep at night thinking about that fish.

I am attaching some photos, just so you have some fresh information in case anyone else asks about the place.”

Chris is a photographer and more of his beautiful photos can be seen on his website.

Thanks Chris for sharing you trip with us.

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