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About DIY Fishing

Owned and operated by Rod Hamilton, DIY Fishing (“DIYFishing”) is an expanded version of the popular website and Blog, DIY Bonefishing. Its success was the genesis to building a much larger platform to make it simpler for fisherman around the world to explore new waters for all species, on the fly.  And on the same site make it simple to find the perfect rental accomodation for each fishing destination.

DIYFishing is an information-based company that is inspiring tens of thousands of anglers to take to the road and to the air in search of new angling experiences. This trend toward self-arranged travel has been growing of late in all areas of tourism, but it is growing explosively among anglers who have long been intimidated by the difficulty of learning strange waters and understanding new fisheries.

DIYFishing helps them crash through those barriers. And here is how we do that….

There are four important elements of the DIYFishing concept.

Area Specialists

First, we have put together a network of local fishing experts, or Area Specialists, as we call them, and we have motivated them to help our subscribers find all of the services and knowledge they need to realize their angling goals in areas far from home. Each Area Specialist has been granted certain exclusive rights for a specific Territory based on his local expertise.


As one of their duties, we require our Area Specialists to provide an extensive report on the fishing within their allotted DIYFishing Territory. The depth and breadth of the information in these reports is unlike any you have ever read. You can see what one of these reports is like by clicking here. These reports alone, without the personal mentoring our Area Specialists provide on request, is enough to point most anglers in the right direction as soon as they arrive in a new DIYFishing Area.

Vacation Rental Properties

The third major component is our vast listing of vacation rental properties where anglers and their families or their fishing buddies can stay once they arrive in a local DIYFishing Territory. These listings have been selected for their geographic location close to the fishery. We’ve worked hard to secure listings representing a wide variety of lodging options, from elegant townhouses and condos to cabins and furnished rooms in local homes. In some areas, we have even acquired listings of moored sailboats, manufactured housing, and RVs. In most areas, we have listings at every available price point and level of convenience. Suffice it to say, the availability of listings like this and our careful vetting of them with anglers’ needs in mind, is a large part of the service that makes it possible for anglers to fish away from home.

The DIYFishing App

The fourth key component to the DIYFishing experience is the development of the worlds first APP that connects subscribers to exact fishing areas, local fishing tips, point of interest and the precise location of Vacation Rentals.  No more guessing whether the rental property is located close to the fishing, you see all the fishing areas and the exact rental location on the map.  From the APP you can call or email the property owner directly, ask your questions and book the property.

Your next adventure is as close as typing in where you want to go in the Search Bar located on the Home Page, reading all the information written by the Area Specialist, previewing the Trip Reports and scrolling through the Vacation Rentals available for that precise Destination. Your planning just got a lot simpler. Good luck and Happy Tails![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]