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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

DIYFishing is an information-based business that provides traveling anglers everything they need to plan trips on their own away from home, including a local contact person, detailed where-to-go information, the DIYFishing APP and a vacation rental property listing service carefully focused on anglers’ needs. The service is free to independent-minded traveling anglers who want to try their luck in places they have always dreamed of going but needed help to do so. A new service, DIYFishing plans to make more than 1,800 destinations around the world available and accessible to anglers who like to plan their own trips.

How does DIYFishing work?

There are four important components of the DIYFishing service.

First, we have put together an international team of local fishing experts (Area Specialists) that are here to help you find all of the people, services and knowledge you need to make your trip a success.. Each Area Specialists has written a full report that can be found in the Fishing Information section of their Territory. There direct contact information is readily available in the Area Specialists introduction.

The second component are Trip Reports. These are filed by anglers and Area Specialists detailing the latest fishing trip. Scrolling through these reports is the perfect place to start your research on either a species or destination.

The third is the perfect tool for traveling anglers, the DIYFishing APP. Once downloaded the APP gives you precise fishing locations, fishing tips, tides and river levels, Point of Interest specifically for anglers, contact with the Area Specialist and most importantly, the exact location of each of the rental properties in relation to fishing locations. No more booking a vacation rental that turned out to be 35 minutes from where you want to fish.

And fourth, our listing of Vacation Rental properties. Never before has an angler been able to research where he wants to fish, decide on a destination and then book a perfectly located Vacation Rental without jumping from site to site.

How do I use

The site could not be easier to use.

First, go to the Home Page and type in the Destination you want to learn about in the Search Bar.

After clicking on a Destination it will take you to the Destination Information page where you will be introduced to the local Area Specialist and find lots of valuable travel and fishing information.

On each Destination page is a search button to see all of the Trip Reports related to that Destination.

And throughout the page will be a number of highlighted buttons to click that take you to all of the Vacation Rental properties, specifically selected for that area.

Back on the Home Page it’s simple to search for Trip Reports by either species or Destination if you are just looking for up to date fishing intel.

The newest and featured destinations and properties can always be found on the Home Page .

Download the DIYFishing APP and you are good to go with all of the tools a traveling angler requires.

For Vacation Home Owners

Why Should I list with

If you want to rent to the world’s traveling anglers, you should list on

DIY Fishing provides owners of Vacation Rental Properties a unique opportunity to showcase their units to affluent and eager prospects who after researching the site, have selected the Destination where your property is located.

Our subscribers – traveling anglers – are a vibrant and expanding segment of the tourist market. Some travel with one or more companions, while others travel with their whole families. Units vary in size from two to 10 or more.

The distinguishing characteristics of this market are:

  • Affluence
  • Maturity
  • And an abiding passion for fishing that creates a high potential for return visits

What kind of properties can I list?

At we aren’t big on setting limits.

Our subscribers are a very diverse group. They range from company owners and top lawyers to union workers and salespeople. Some of them travel in their own private planes; some travel by road in RVs or on motorcycles. A sizeable contingent who don’t travel internationally but only within their own country tow their own boats and/or travel with canoes and kayaks on top of their vehicles. Not surprisingly, a diverse group like this is interested in a wide variety of places to stay.

Acceptable rental properties include houses, condos and villas, chalets, chateaus, cottages, cabins, castles, estates, mansions, yachts, yurts, boats, manufactured housing units, and rooms in inns and fishing camps.

There are probably others housing options not listed here, but that does not mean we won’t accept a listing for them. List your property and see.

How much does it cost to list my property?

That depends on the listing option you choose. The most popular option is the Annual Subscription option that involves the one-time payment of $179 a year.

If you rent your property seasonally or prefer to use it yourself for a good part of the year then the Seasonal subscription for $99 may be the best listing option for you.

If you are a property manager or simply want to rent multiple properties, give us a call and lets see what we can do.

What do I get with my listing?

A listing with DIYFishing comes with everything you need to start renting your property and earning income, including space to post up to 24 high-resolution photographs, an easy-to-use listing system that walks you through the process of describing your property, an interactive map showing the location of your property, and a reservation calendar.

Additionally, on request, DIYFishing will help you craft a fishing-friendly description of your property that is guaranteed to make it stand out as important and appealing to traveling anglers.

DIYFishing also provides you access to a local Area Specialist, who is mandated to help visiting anglers find all of the services and products they need to realize their fishing goals. Local assistance like this is unique in the property-listing arena.

How many listings per Destination?

One of the truly unique features and advantages to listing on DIYFishing is we limit the number of Vacation Rentals per destination to fifty properties.

No other listing service does, they take as many as they can get.

Your Vacation Rental is no longer buried amongst 100’s of other listings making it simple for your unit to be easily found by our subscriber.

How do I describe my property?

You should obviously emphasize those things that make your property attractive and desirable, including its conveniences and amenities such as wifi and air conditioning, as well as any special features such as a good view, nice breezes, a jacuzzi, and its proximity to needed services and attractions such as grocery stores and beaches, etc. Equally important, you should draw attention to everything about your property that makes it attractive to anglers, including its proximity to good fishing areas, the storage space it has for fishing rods, its fish-cleaning facilities. Maybe you even leave a kayak or canoe under the house for tenant use? Importantly, when you list your property with DIY Fishing, you have access to a local Area Specialist who knows the local fishing well. On request, he will assist you in drawing attention to the things that make your property attractive to fishermen. The DIY Fishing corporate staff is also available to help you in this regard. Our subscribers, traveling anglers, are ideal tenants. They tend toward affluence, and almost all are mature men with fishing buddies or entire families in tow. Because they fish, they tend to come back to the same place year after year, bringing you repeat business and lowering your marketing cost. Even better, happy anglers tell their buddies about good experiences, inspiring them to repeat the same pattern as their buddies.

How does the DIYFishing App help rent my property?

Unique to DIYFishing is our APP found on Apple and Google that is an essential travel and planning tool for traveling anglers from around the world.

On the APP are precise fishing locations, fishing tips, weather, tides and river levels and Points of Interest the the Area Specialist believes are important for our subscribers to know about.

But most importantly, your Vacation Rental is shown on the APP where the traveler can see where the property is located in relation to the fishing and contact you directly from the APP.

Booking could not be simpler. Imagine the email or call from our subscriber saying your property looks perfect, is it really that close to the fishing?

How do I get started?

To get started, simply create an account on the Home Page and follow the easy step-by-step process to listing your property. If you need help, contact us at: